ASKEW x PMONEY “The Killa Combo”

P-Money: “My friend, and incredibly talented graffiti writer, Askew asked me to get involved with this Killa Kombo video for Australian paint company Ironlak. With the concept being that the writer paints the producer’s name and the producer provides the soundtrack.
So me and Askew teamed up. He went out and did a bunch of pieces using my name. And I made 3 beats to match the images. Shouts to Warren Green who shot and edited the video, great job!”

EWOK, POSE & KC Out in Korea

These guys have been painting top notch work (as usual), but nothing beats the last 10 seconds of this video. That bowl of what looks like Golden Grahams is actually a Korean delicacy; a helping of cooked roaches! Watchem’ take a spoon full with a straight face!

POSE & EWOK in KOREA – A Supervision Film. from Ironlak on Vimeo.