Some folks got together under the city and threw a happening party in an unfinished part of NYC’s subway system. Some graffiti that was done there in early 2000 catches off in some of the party pics. In 2000 there was nothing down there but bare walls and space, glad it’s gone to some good use. See the whole story and photos at Gothamist.com


For Joey Semz

The other day I decided to paint a piece for Semz. It’s quite a reminiscing feeling when painting a piece for a friend who has passed away. While painting, I end up thinking of odd experiences or trips taken with the person. I think a lot about the past and how I ended up where I’m at today. It’s a real sad feeling knowing that the past is done and cannot be returned to. When i go back east it doesn’t feel like home anymore. What i knew has since been knocked down, regulated, or swallowed up.

As Joe became less interested in graffiti, he worked more on his music. The energy and honesty in his music clearly comes across in an inspiring way…

Rest In Peace