This year The Seventh Letter teamed up with Klughaus Gallery and Live from The Streets to create an out of the box experience merging live music with the violation of rented moving trucks. With Meca (Seventh Letter’s right hand man) drumming on the roof of the trucks throughout the week, the constant drinking of Budweiser, and the group sampling of phychedelics we are sure to bring you an entertaining trip video within the next month. Razor blade.

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Here is a quick recap of Art Basel 2011 Miami. Interviews with Rime MSK, Sacha Jenkins, and the Dirty Dr.Dax, and more. Sadly this video took a bit longer to release than most, due to my unfortunate false arrest a couple of days after my arrival, in which my footage was all erased by the Dade County Police. – DAKS

Music provided by: Jamel Ferrerr

you can read more about the arrest here….…


Video from Rime’s last visit to Miami during Art Basel

Being a fan of Live From The Streets, I reached out to Mr. Green asking him to make the music for the 50 Characters video. Below is an episode of Life From The Streets, covering how Mr. Green made custom beats from video footage shot in Miami. Only Mr. Green can take high rants, parrot talk, and arguments with rent-a-cops and make some musical sense out of it…

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It seems that I’m on my way to having a career out of painting other writers work!

On a last minute request by REVOK, I headed down to Miami a day early to paint a “We Own The Night” outside of the Underbelly show opening in Miami. The wall I painted is based off of what Revok and Ceaze painted a while back in the tunnels for the Underbelly Project.

Arriving to paint at 8pm and starting work around 11pm the night before the show opening, I only had a few hours to paint the font with a cherry picker.

I did my best to pull something together half decent. It’s never been my thing to paint angled and measured fonts, so instinctually I did whatever I could to break out of that. With slightly off allignment, the letters are no way near as precise as something Revok would paint, but it did it’s job to bring attention to the venue.

After torturing myself for several hours painting a font on a lift, I rewarded myself by painting my own version of Revok’s partytime wolf dude…

(above) Revok’s original wolf dude painted on a street spot in Hollywood.

(above) My revamped version

Steel Wheels Art Show

Steel Wheels Miami!
All Rail Inspired Art Show.
March 26th-28th
Featuring Works By North Amerikkka’s most prolific and influential
Rail Road artists.
Photography, model scale, signage, monikers etc.
All under one roof in the hottest city in the world, literally.
Miami” will be the hub this weekend.
Be there or get left behind.

Writing/Aerosol Art on trains has a history that predates the modern writing by nearly a century.
Following the Civil War, veterans returning to their homes by rail, sometimes and often
wrote their names and the names of fellow fallen soldiers on the sides of rail road cars.
After the stock market crash of 1929 which we can relate to now more then ever thousands of Amerikkkan’s became what later would be called Hobos or Tramps.
From very early, marking rail cars with a personalized handle was synonomous amongst the hobo culture.
In the mid 1960’s a similiar brand of writing began to appear on public transit vehicles in the cities of Philadelphia and New York. Writing/Aerosol Art on the Subway and rail road are the foundation of the entire aerosol art culture. For this reason Aerosol Art on trains will always have a special place in the hearts and minds of writers and enthusiasts alike.
Cole T” Onley.

We cordially invite you to witness the movement.
One full weekend in MIAMI. FLA.
Serving The South……
March 26-28th
The Wharehouse
7140 NW Miami Ct.
Miami, Fl. 33150

Art Basel 2009

It seemed like a must to attend Art Basel this year in Miami. Just about everyone involved within Graffiti or the so called “Street Art” scene was in attendance. There was so much going on during the week that I barely had a chance to see it all. I feel that the work that was going on in the street was much more interesting than anything on display in the galleries.

I would have to say this was the best art event I have ever been to. No fights or unnecessary drama, just positive attitudes and top notch work. Much respect to Books, Typoe & Slow for helping to make this year a success.

A rough sketch of the “South Beach Savior”

Rain Delay

I decided to try another Graffiti piece. The letter combination is a real challenge. It is suspected that Miami style Jesus is blessing the piece with cocaine ala Scarface (see Sever’s)

The Witnes




Kem5, Rath, & Prey



What you like, What you do, & You

A quick piece, done with left over cans from the most recent "Graffiti" piece. Stuck on the tropical sunset color scheme

I am not the first to do most of the things that I do. It’s my take on things I’ve thought about or that influenced me. I’ve seen plenty examples of people who did similar methods (past and present).

I’m more concerned with innovation or building on past ideas, rather than forced inventiveness. I feel that the more you experiment (let go) the more likely that you will stumble upon something new, or at least new to you.

I feel that the fear of doing something that has been done before is what keeps people stuck in the same bullshit that they have been running for the past 10 or so years. Identities that fit within a box.

If your personality is truly tied in with your work, if your work is a natural reflection of yourself. Then what you do (original or not) will always be uniquely yours, no matter what style you do. Established ideas should get filtered through you with an interesting spin or straight up referenced without apology.