Billboard Art Project in Paris

Revok Roids & I were invited to participate in a live painting event in an upscale section of Paris. The work we painted that weekend would eventually hang on the building walls above for a period of time, and then would go off to a charity auction.

Dems in the center

12 year old Parisian writers

Finished Revok canvas

While the event was going on, this old lady approached one of the writers and asked to borrow his marker. Moments later she was nowhere to be found, so he assumed she jacked him for the marker. When walking down the street to run an errand I spotted her at work decorating the tags on the side of one of the wooden cubicles. Listen to her talk about her experience with Mescaline…

Finished canvas

Alain holding it down

Studio Painting In Paris

At Alain Dominique Gallizia’s studio working on pieces for his collection…

The inside of the studio was filled with tags, throw ups and pieces from writers old and new who painted work for the collection.. Notice the Quik & Comet throw ups!

Once finished with my work I convinced Revok to stand outside with my painting so I could snap some shots before it got dark. As he held the painting outside I realized the cowboy had two left hands (fuck!).

After an all nighter of drinking and painting at the studio we were all too tired to troop back to the hotel, so we passed out on couches that were too short to lay comfortably across. Cold as fuck we hunted for anything to keep us warm. Roids found a shower towel, Revok found some bubble wrap, And I kept searching, lucked out and found a movers blanket.