Artists Jim Darling and Revok recently collaborated on this found object art installation in an abandoned church in the heart of Detroit. Working on the piece for two days, the artists dragged an organ up two flights of stairs along with any other pieces of debris in the vicinity they could use to assemble the infinity symbol shown here.

18 x 22 Inches Archival Pigment Print on 300gsm Museum Natural White Fine Art Paper.

It comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Jim Darling, Revok and 1xRUN.

Edition of 150

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Below is an email from Russ Corvey, a 60 year old jazz musician from North Carolina. He bumped into THIS alley way in East Hollywood and let me know how he felt about it

one of the walls in the alley by Revok, Rime & Ewok

“So … I’m a 60-year old jazz musician/creative director who now lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, visiting my 27-year old son, a film editor, who lives in North Hollywood. When we visit him, the time is usually consumed with chores and family stuff. But this time, I promised myself I would do something for me, so Friday morning, around dawn, while everyone else is sleeping, I grab my camera and set out to find some street art – tags? graffiti? I don’t know much about that world, but I love that Banksy, Mr. Brainwash thing (whatever the hell that thing is) and kinda want to know more.

Now L.A. is a pretty sprawling place, agreed? And I don’t have a lot of time, and I don’t know where I’m going – but I set my iPhone map thing to “Korea Town” and 20 minutes later I’m wandering around the back streets looking for … whatever. Shit … just off Western Avenue, getting ready to make a left, I pass this alley. I practically pissed in my pants. What cosmic force brought me there?

I stood in that alley for an hour – I shot dozens of pictures, but a lot of time I just stood and looked – didn’t want to see it thru a viewfinder. I got a little lightheaded a couple of times – I listened to some music, which was a stunning experience (for me, Pat Metheney was a beautiful compliment to the sights).

I was giggling, grinning – and even got a little teary-eyed when I thought about the gift I was receiving that morning – while people were heading to their jobs. I realize now this alley is probably a very celebrated place, but in that moment, it felt like this was all mine – just for me. Earlier this year I was in London, and in a similar fashion, stood on the Waterloo Bridge at dawn, shooting the city – this was like that. The stuff that people do with their lives – buildings, bridges, art, music, dance – I just don’t have words.

So – thank you – thank you – thank you! I will never forget what I saw Friday morning.

Russ Corvey

PS: As if stumbling on your joyful art wasn’t enough of an incredible coincidence, a few years ago I wrote a song called … “Jersey Joe” – MP3 is attached here…”


The Detroit Beautification Project assembled artist’s from around the globe. With the the common goal to bring vibrancy back to one of America’s greatest cities.
Presented By Montana Cans, The Seventh Letter, 1xRun, Contra Projects

-Video By Bankshot


An off the cuff production with Revok started on my second day in Detroit. No sketches or real game plan, just good times painting. A few onlookers asked me what’s going on in the wall. The response was varied based on my mood, but the explanation that I settled with with was that the beast was Detroit, and chicks from the suburbs flock to his dangerous ass. The want action, they want to be in the belly of the beast. Naah meen?



REVOK, Montana Cans, The Seventh Letter and 1xRUN present:

The Detroit Beautification Project

As the chill of winter has given way to the warm hues of spring here in Detroit, we’re excited to unveil our most recent public arts project that will bring over a dozen of the world’s premier graffiti artists into the city for a series of murals in the neighborhoods that need them the most.

We are presenting this never before seen image of a piece REVOK created in a now demolished church back in 2009 during his first visit to Detroit. In what is commonplace in the world of graffiti & street art, an artist will go to great lengths creating a piece of work in certain location, only to have the works lifespan cut short by city clean up crews, over zealous and mentally disturbed vigilantes or rival artists… Or in this case a demolition wrecking ball. The work often lives on only in the documentation of a few, or in this case one image.

To coincide with the first phase of the project we’re excited to release a series of prints with several of the participating artists including RISK, SEVER, STEEL, REYES, DMOTE, WANE, CES, REVOK, Tristan Eaton, Dabs Myla, 123 Klan and POSE.

For the first RUN of the Detroit Beautification Project we’re excited to present our very first print by REVOK. His vision for the Detroit Beautification Project is to uplift communities and brighten the day of the residents of the great City of Detroit.

Born in Riverside, Ca. in 1977 Los Angeles based REVOK discovered art through his fathers collection of 60′s & 70′s album covers, comic books, and skateboarding. In 1990 REVOK began sneaking out of the 2nd story window of his parents home to write graffiti around his neighborhood… 22 years later not much has changed despite numerous arrests, Jail time and fines in the U.S. and overseas.

REVOK enjoys traveling and painting graffiti, He is currently the target of a political war against Graffiti and street art led by Los Angeles city attorney Carmen Trutanich and the L.A. Sheriffs dept. REVOK’s work explores the struggle between opposing perspectives that is perpetual action around us in our shared common spaces.

In 2011 REVOK was featured in MOCA LA’s in the “Art in the streets” Exhibition. The Pasadena Musuem of Contemporary art’s “Street Cred”, “PERSEVERENCE” at KNOWN gallery and “TRIUMPH & TRAGEDY” in Hamburg’s Vicious gallery.