Asian Marketing Schemes x Old Jersey Joe Gallery Show Flyer?

Just got these images from my crewmate Cider from Bangkok, Thailand. It seems that the company Diesel is using a web image of a 2006 show flyer to help sell their fragrance. Notice how they attempted to add in some bubbles, drips, and what looks like the word Yo (bottom right).

Cider writes: “I got off work today and walked over to the ground floor of my job and found this kickin’ it at a booth. In the beginning I thought it was a RIME collabo with Diesel’s new fragrance but after walkin around it, it seems like they wanted to put graffiti onto their sales booth, so they decided to ink-jet this RIME piece onto it. Just surprised me…pretty much.”

This is not the first time this images was used for selling goods. It was also stolen and used for an Iphone app called “Graffiti Anarchy“. What the fuck?

CIDER MSK Holding It Down In Bangkok, Thailand

Cider writes: That tall-ass building behind the silver is a massage parlor. Believe it or not…it is like a hotel. The spot is called COLONZE 4…owner is so rich they got like 4 to 5 mega branches around Bangkok. Again the spot is on one of the busiest streets in Bangkok, RAMA 9. To the side of it is like a grimey ass club called DA VINCI. Check out the architectural structure of it. Funny futuristic…

Cider writes: This spot is on the way to the airport so it is a must to be seen regardless of how u get to the Suwanaphum International Airport here in Bangkok. Mad cars be passin’ through everyday! Another busy street. Check out the canal…Black as fuck! You won’t want to get dropped in there….shit is so grimey that once you fall in, you probably mutate into some kind of monster!