New Wall With Daze & The Tats Cru

On a develishly hot and muggy summer day in the Bronx How, Daze, Bio, Nosm & myself struggled to make good graffiti. We had the misfortune of painting a wall that had no shade for an entire 96º day. Daze put us all to shame by painting with a respirator on and doing the least amount of complaining. Hats off to that dude!

I had no idea of what I was going to paint. I started off by throwing up some abstract fades and such then marked out some simplified base letters. Nothing I painted this day was done with ease. Somehow we pulled it together at the end…

Brim Goes to Oxford University (1987)

Short segment from the classic 1987 documentary about Brim’s visit to the UK and Goldie’s visit to the Bronx.

Or check the full documentary…

First shown on Channel 4 in the UK, Bombin’ chronicles the journey of NY artist Brim through the UK media, as well as meeting a young Goldie, who in turn travels to NYC to meet Afrika Baambaata. This was filmed at the times of the Birmingham riots and shows the parallels of life in the inner city on both sides of the Atlantic.