This year The Seventh Letter teamed up with Klughaus Gallery and Live from The Streets to create an out of the box experience merging live music with the violation of rented moving trucks. With Meca (Seventh Letter’s right hand man) drumming on the roof of the trucks throughout the week, the constant drinking of Budweiser, and the group sampling of phychedelics we are sure to bring you an entertaining trip video within the next month. Razor blade.

Random photos without further explanation…


Showed up in Hollywood looking to paint over this mess that SONY left behind over a recent Few & Far wall in Hollywood. I decided to paint this straight forward sketch by NICHE VTS

After some revisions and some experimental tricks I managed to somehow make it fit with the rest of the wall. Added in a chick taking a phone pic of an oiled up meathead…

Ewok all out, around the corner…


It’s been some time since the completion of the odd “Only Time Will Tell” wall we completed in Downtown LA. Vans The Omega put together this well paced video documenting the whole process. Big ups sexy Tranny JC!

Dysfunctional points of interest:
* Coked up Charlie Bronson Yeti saying “AAAAARRRGGGHHHH” to a timid young chick
* Santa says yes to 4LOKO
* Jesus turning tranny was unintentional. The legs were on the wall first. Intended to come randomly from behind the “Will” piece. Later I sketched up Jesus chillin’ at the beach. Revok said I sketched it too small and too far over to the left. I ended up buffing the first Jesus sketch out and painted it larger and more to the right. It took us a good two hours before we connected the possibility that the legs could be Jesus’s. Tired and late as fuck we laughed about it and embraced the idea… Fuckin’ Tranny Jesus!

Painted with: Vans Omega (Australia), Score (Germany), Dabs & Myla (Australia), Revok, Deus (New Zealand), Askew (New Zealand) & Witnes


Click image below to view large…

Character Wall In Culver City, LA

After our last wall in Silverlake, Dabs, Myla, Craola and I set out to try another experimental wall that centered around characters and design elements. This time we brought in Witnes, Augor and Trav, figuring it all out as we went. Our goal was to finish this all in one day. Most of us showed up with no real idea of what we were going to paint that day. Witnes retreated to his ride, took a series of bong hits, and drew up a rough sketch of that funny orange dude in the center. Good times-

Painting With The Witnes…

Here are some finished shots of a wall we attempted to do during the heatwave that went down here in LA. We tried showing up early enough to get shade and struggled through to finish with the sun beating down on us (it sucked). I brought a few sketches for this wall but ended up getting into a groove and freestyling. It’s good to see Witnes out doing his thing again!

Painting With Aussies & Witnes In LA

Dabs & Myla

Omega by Vans

Painting a piece based off of an Askew sketch for The Exchange


While we were painting, Ewok called and told us MJ just kicked the bucket. He urged us to be the first to Paint a tribute to the the self proclaimed “King of Pop”. Augor came through and started on the character. I stepped in, giving Jacko a face lift and added in some small details. Vans even joined in by putting some jewels on the glove. I originally wanted to write “Touching Young Fans From The Grave And Beyond” and have MJ’s grave site with a large tombstone. I would of had his arm coming out of the ground, grabbing onto a young boy’s thigh… Maybe next time?